There’s always someone better than you. So what?

You can’t be the best at everything. In fact, you may not be the best at anything. No matter what you do, there might always be someone who does it better than you. Even at homemaking. But, here’s why it shouldn’t matter.

Homemaking is not a competition. It’s not about having the cleanest kitchen or the most organized closet. It is neither about being the best cook nor about being the perfect parent. It is not even about having the most beautiful house or the best-behaved kids.

It’s a commitment. It’s a passion. Or probably even an obsession—to keep on going, day after day. It’s a journey without a map. You got to make your own way. And along the way, you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll fall and fail but you’ll eventually get there.

Don’t worry if everything is not perfect. Not being perfect is okay. Not having a perfect home is okay. Because real homes are a little imperfect, a little messy and even a little dirty. What matters is, to have a happy one.

So never compare yourself with other homemakers. Or anyone for that matter. Don’t resent them because they are better, richer, or they look happier. Stop trying to feel content in their imperfections. Stop finding an excuse to justify their ability or your lack of it. Just push those insecurities and envy aside because they’re not worth it. Just because someone else is better doesn’t mean you are not good enough. Don’t make homemaking a competition, when it isn’t one.

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