I don’t break a sweat when my maid takes a day off. Not anymore.

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

You wouldn’t either when I tell you why.

I am not upset when my maid takes a day off. It might sound really absurd, but it’s true. I have my reasons (legitimate ones) and I hope you too wouldn’t bother once you know why.

In this day and age, we are nothing more than mere slaves to our servants (well, at least I am). Not only do we feel handicapped (metaphorically) in their absence, but we have to consciously factor their timings in when planning our own schedules. And boy, don’t we just freak out when they ask for a day or two off? Not me. Well, not anymore.

I was like that until a few months ago. Until I attended an inspiring TedTalk by Tiffany Dufu on how one should learn to ‘Drop the Ball’ (You can watch it here). And that changed my life, for the better. It taught me to let go; to focus on the more important stuff in life, on stuff that mattered; to overcome OCDs that I never imagined I could.

So, now when my maid takes her days off—3 times a month that is (sometimes more)—I’m kind of relieved, relaxed, and a tad bit happy. Here’s why.

For one, it’s kind of liberating. I don’t have to plan my days based on the maid and her timing. I can be flexible with my schedule—right from waking up to cooking, eating, workout, work and everything else—just as I please. There’s no pressure to cook breakfast before the maid shows up and no rush to gobble the food down the throat in order to handover the dishes while the maid is still there.

Unlike the other days, when I am worried thinking whether the maid will show up or not, such days bring a rare certainty—one I’d not want too often though—and peace from already knowing she won’t. It helps me channelize my thoughts and energies towards other more important things.

A maid is the necessary evil of every modern homemaker’s life. You can’t do with them; you can’t do without them. Getting the job done to our expectations is a rare treat. So, when my maid takes a leave, it gives me a forced yet much needed opportunity to clean the house comprehensively, every once in a while (You can read about my detailed cleaning methodology here). It satiates the compulsive cleanliness freak in me.

Last but not the least, I get an extra hour of my life back. When I don’t have to spend that hour watching over the maid while she works, I can actually spend it doing what I like. My favorite companions are my Kindle, my kitchen, and my loving husband Karan. An hour or two with them, here and there, is all I need to see the stress go away miraculously.

So, the next time your maid calls in to take the day off, don’t freak out (unless you have an early morning meeting or guests over); just pop a chill pill instead and take your time off too—from her.

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