He Said, She Said: Things your partner might secretly hate about you.

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

If you’ve ever wished that you could get a sneak peak into your partner’s brain to figure out what they really think of you, CONGRATULATIONS, your wish may just have been granted.

We asked couples (married and living in) to tell us one thing they secretly hate about their partners and the revelations are surprising. Who would have ever thought that an innocent fart while sleeping could cause so much hate, right? Something you could be doing or not doing out of mere negligence could really be freaking your partner out.

Find out what they said because if you do one or more of these things, there’s a good chance it came from your partner.

Here’s what they said:

She said: (Because ladies first)

1. I don’t “hate” this about him, but I would have liked him to be a bit different in this aspect. He doesn’t, on an instinct, go and help a person in need and stays away from situations where someone may be coming to harm. Like helping an accident victim or stepping in if a fight is seemingly going to get violent or if someone is being ill-treated. Mostly because I do all that on instinct, so it upsets me it doesn’t come naturally to him.

2. I hate his lack of decisiveness and speed in everything he does, he’s super slow.

3. I hate his habit of criticizing everything. It's like, this is good but.. There is always a but.

4. He keeps inviting his cousins over almost every weekend. I just end up spending the weekend cooking for so many people. All this plus the late nights leave me extremely exhausted with no time for myself or for my kid.

5. His tendency to spend 30-40 minutes in the restroom because “he had to poop” when I know that he is hiding out exploring social media.

6. His skill of arguing. He is really good at arguing, being in sales, he is good with points, so he counters every single point that I make when we are in an argument. I lose every argument even when I am in the right. (This guy needs to be enrolled into marriage tutions where they teach: Never argue with your wife.)

7. Trusting his parents and their decisions blindly.

8. He pretends to be very progressive, but he is quite narrow minded. He is also an introvert and talks or shares things according to his mood and circumstances. Plus, he criticizes a lot.

9. I do hate some things about him. But I make sure he knows that I hate those things about him. But what I hate the most is that despite knowing, he continues to do all those things. (Isn't this the story of every womane)

this the story of every woman's life)(Isn't this the story of every woman's life)

10. His casual and carefree attitude, at times, stresses me.

11. I hate it when he picks up a call or starts talking to someone else while we are having a conversation.

12. I hate it when he thinks that it is funny to discuss personal stuff in front of the entire family. Even though he is joking but I am the one who gets judged by the family.

He said: (Because these poor souls deserve a chance too)

1. I don’t like the fact that she prioritizes everything over herself or her own needs and desires.

2. Her habit of caring way too much. For instance, if I am not hungry or I want to go on dieting mode, she would get concerned and force me to eat. It’s kind of annoying.

3. Her undue expectation that I should stay up for as long as her at night, irrespective of how tired I am or how tiring my day has been.

4. Farting at night. (This one is my favorite!)

5. I don’t hate anything about her. But I wish I could change her short temper. She reacts to most situations in a way that eventually does no good except for stressing her out mentally. I wish she could see how amazing she is as a person and that’s precisely what I saw in her and married her.

~Rishabh Lakhotia (name mentioned on request)

6. I seriously hate the casual approach or attitude of my partner towards many things. For example, she doesn’t have any fixed routine or schedule, she is always late when we plan to go out creating last minute rush, and she spends most of her free time shopping online or social media.

7. Her getting angry for no reason at all. It annoys me alot. Sometimes I feel as if she just does it for fun. It takes too much time to make her believe that I am not at fault.

8. When she is mad at me (which is almost all the time). She blabbers to herself while walking away in the opposite direction. I hate it in a way words cannot explain. I can kill to get way from such a habit. (Just dont kill your wife, buddy)

And while they hate these things about their partners, they have accepted them as a part of the deal. And that’s what a healthy relationship is about. Accepting your partner for all of who they are, not just the parts that are easy to like. It’s about loving them no matter how flawless or flawed they are. It’s about fighting but loving enough to make up after every fight. Because liking is easy, but loving is hard.

Didn't find your reason on this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

~Live Happy. Love Hard.~

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