Fighting the homemaker’s fatigue.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Fatigue. It is every homemaker’s uninvited guest. It sets in slowly and discreetly, gradually permeating your body as if in slow osmosis, travelling right up to the brain, seeping through the cells and attacking the ability to think or act. It manifests externally as a lack of stamina, cognitive dysfunction and overall poor productivity. It is great at doing its job, of not letting you do yours. And that’s something you wouldn’t want, right?

Fatigue, for all you may try, is an inescapable part of a homemaker’s life. Homemaker’s is a demanding job, especially coupled with the pressures of a full-time job. And you are therefore bound to experience a perpetual sense of tiredness.

Few weeks ago, I uncovered the key reasons behind the constant fatigue homemakers experience. It is absolutely essential to identify fatigue when it pays you an uninvited visit and send it right back. I have been able to and you can too. A little bit of self-awareness and discipline is all you need.

So, here I am, presenting my untold secrets to fighting the homemaker’s fatigue:

1. Pursue a hobby

Hobby can be a great healer. It is a simple yet surprisingly amazing way to discover new talents and spend time with yourself. Hobby helps you switch off, albeit temporarily, from the worries of everyday life. It transfers you to a subconscious state of pleasure, releasing the tension from your body and rejuvenating you. So, go read that book, pot that plant, paint that portrait, or whatever it is that you have been putting off.

2. Get closer to nature

Do you feel an invisible weight hovering over your head all the time? It is probably the air of tension at home or work. It probably needs an escape. So, get up and go for a run or just a slow walk in the park, soak in the sunshine and get wet in the rain, every once in a while. Nature is magical. It has a lingering sense of peace. It is calming and refreshing. Go out to get closer to it or bring it inside, closer to you.

3. Make time for meditation

Please make time for meditation. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance and positive effects of meditation. I’ll be honest. It took me almost 30 years to understand how effective meditation is, but that is a story for another day. For those new to meditation, you can start with the ‘Shav Asana’ which has deep healing benefits. It helps completely relax your body and mind by helping in letting go of the stress in a short span of time. It is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate quickly and get back to working with improved productivity.

4. Focus on nutrition

More than doing something, it is about not doing something. Busy homemakers often end up neglecting their nutritional needs, which is disastrous. Please, please, please. Stop doing that. Never skip your meals. Eat first. Work can wait (unless someone’s going to die). Try to have balanced meals as much as you can. You need the fuel to fight the fatigue.

5. Burn out the stress

This might sound contradictory, but a good workout can actually alleviate stress induced fatigue by increasing your adrenaline levels. So, incorporate a form of workout in your schedule and make it a priority. Burn out the stress before it burns you out.

“If you don’t take control of your body, fatigue will.”

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