3 sanity-saving tips for 21st century homemakers.

I like the bed sheet tucked in at the edges. My husband likes it hanging off them. No points for guessing who gets it their way. We both have our own quirks. In fact, every homemaker does. Some of you, a tad crazier like me, might have too many.

It’s quite ironic that I am writing this post today. I’d rather be stacking the plates by height, aligning the frames on the wall, organizing my shoes by type, or arranging my clothes by color. I’m sure you get the gist.

Only a homemaker can tell how much goes into keeping a house the way they like it—sometimes, even their own sanity.

Here are my 3 first-hand tips to keep you sane even as it gets insanely tough to manage a home.

1. Own less stuff

The no. 1 rule of having a clean, organized and hassle-free house is to own less stuff. Period.

It is something we keep reminding ourselves to do but keep failing at. We want a clean house, but we also want more furniture, more clothes, more shoes, more crockery, more of everything basically. And then, we want more storage! Lesser the stuff, lesser the clutter, lesser the work. It’s that simple.

Pro-tip: Before buying anything, just ask yourself whether you need it or want it.

2. Outsource

Don’t try to be a one-woman or one-man army. You can always use some help. Own everything you must but outsource everything you can. Hire a good help and train them to do things your way. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do in the time saved.

Pro-tip: Treat and pay the people who work for you well. They will work more, crib less.

3. Overcome your OCD

Remember, shit happens. You can’t always control everything. Life can’t be perfect, and neither can be your home. You must learn to let go, at least sometimes. Take it easy, let things be and enjoy the imperfections that make your house a home.

Pro-tip: If something is constantly bothering you, just ask yourself if it is under your control. If it isn’t, stop fretting over it. It will only drive you insane.

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