2018 Round up: Lessons I have learnt.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

2018 was a year of experiences for me. Experiences that were good, great, bad and even ugly. Experiences that taught me a lot, that gave me compassion, confidence, faith, freedom, love, laughter, hope, happiness and much more.

I am thankful for everything that 2018 taught me and for everyone who was a part of my journey so far, to all those who helped me fly through the light and walk through the dark, to all those who applauded my accomplishments, and to those who held my hand through my failures. I am thankful to even those who have hurt me, underestimated me, never believed in me and at times even tried to break me. Thank you everyone because despite everything, here I am—better, wiser, stronger, and happier. And I owe it to you and to 2018.

As I step into 2019, I want to leave behind the baggage, the bad memories, the failures, and the tough times. I want to cherish the victories, the happy times, and the great memories. But above all, I want to take along everything that I have learnt from them. So, here’s what 2018 has taught me:

1. It’s a blessing to be ordinary. Appreciate being ordinary and never take it for granted.

2. Happiness is a choice. It comes from within and nowhere else. If you’re not happy, don't blame others. You are the only one responsible.

3. Look beyond your material desires—the big houses, the branded clothes, the fancy cars, the fat bank balance, the latest phones, the long vacations. They just bring momentary pleasure.

4. Little things matter. Appreciate them. They bring you real joy.

5. Nature is magical. It gives you peace. It helps you slow down a little in the urban rat race. There’s nothing like the chirping of the birds, the scattering of the sunlight, the whispering of the wind, the blooming of a bud, and the falling of the rain. Enjoy it while you can.

6. Believe in yourself; because if you won’t, nobody else will. You, and only you know your true potential.

7. If life doesn’t offer enough opportunities, you ought to create them for yourself. You can control your life, your career, your success, and your future if you want to. Take charge and own your life.

8. If you really want something, ask for it fearlessly. Life is unfair, and people are selfish. You never get what you don’t ask for.

9. Gossiping, overthinking, overstressing, cribbing, and complaining are no good. They drain you of the energy you could use for better things.

10. Not everyone who claims to be your friend, really is. True friends are few. They will never pull you down, put you down, or push you off the edge.

11. Your family will stand by you, forgive you, find time for you, and motivate you, no matter what. Don’t take them for granted.

12. A good life partner is the best gift life can give you. If you find them, respect them, love them, and always stand by them.

13. Never say mean things. Especially, deliberately. It will only cause you regret, sooner or later.

14. Build your own wealth. Depend on no one—not your parents, not your partner, and not your children.

15. Live in the present but plan for the future. There will be a rainy day, someday, probably not too far away.

Love, peace, and joy.

To you, to us, and to new beginnings!

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