10 easy things men can proactively do around the house to help their wives.

The way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Or so they say. But, what about a woman? Pretty easy, huh? She just needs time, attention, and affection. Not quite so. Well, they do need all these and a little help around the house. That’s how you can truly win your woman’s heart. And its best done without her having to ask. Nothing (and you can quote me for it) will make her happier.

So, if you want to make your way to your lady’s heart without drowning yourself in household chores all day, you can try some of these easy to-do things. Just don’t brag about it later.

1. Make the morning tea/coffee (just as she likes it).

2. Put your culinary skills to test and serve her breakfast in bed (occasionally will do).

3. Can’t cook to save your life? No problem. Just lay the table and serve the food every day.

4. Make the bed. Properly. Lift the pillows, tuck it in, and make sure the ends hand equally from all the edges.

5. Water the plants. Just don’t flood and kill them.

6. Walk, feed, bathe and groom the pet. And take it to the vet. Especially if getting the pet was your idea in the first place.

7. Fold the washed laundry.

8. Pay all the bills. On time.

9. Clean the AC filters every 15 days.

10. Take out the garbage. Okay this is gross. But, you’d do it to please her. Won’t you?

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